Gynecological multifunctional detector

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Automatic BV detector using optical reflection method of additive and subtractive colors principles of design,is set incubation of sample,testing,results calculation,judgment,display,cleaning,report output and other steps to fully automated laboratory testing instruments.The instrument ensures that the test results of sensitivity and accuracy,is to replace the lab manual high-tech products.Greatly improve work efficiency and revenue.


1.significantly improve the detection sensitivity and accuracy : Automatic BV test results fully comparable to the gold standard (Amsel) method , and has accurate, sensitive , quick operation characteristics.

2.advanced methodology : Automatic BV detector uses a sialidase detection reagent for detecting the level of sialidase vaginal secretions.Sialidase is currently recognized as the world 's most accurate method for detection of BV .

3.significant savings in labor costs: Automatic BV detector is set incubation of sample,testing,report output one fully automated equipment,equipment investment,high efficiency,Random sample testing,10 minutes the results,fast,tedious and time-consuming than the manual method saves labor costs;results more accurate and objective,avoiding the manual operation and the error caused by the naked eye visual results .