Who We Are?

Beijing Huashengyuan Medical Tech.Co. Ltd.is the special enterprise producing series of medical testing instruments and testing reagent strips with 5 million RMB registered capital since established in 2006.

The Urine Analyzer is a high-precision, intellectual instrument which is researched and developed basing on modern optics, microelectronics, computer science and other advanced technologies for clinical inspection of urine. GLU, BIL, SG, KET, BLD, PRO, URO, NIT, LEU, VC, CA, CR, MCA and PH in urine can be tested by using it with special test strips. It can be widely used in various medical and health departments as one of the main clinical laboratory instruments.

We are committed to provide high quality product and continuously improve services for our customer. We also have a close cooperation with our business partners to reach mutual benefits.

The development and production activity is supported by our professional clinical experts and well-trained experienced engineers and technicians. It is thereby awarded as three national patents licenses by the State Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of China and passed CMD quality system ISO9001 and ISO13485. This will also ensure the quality reliability and advanced techniques of our products to be fully meet customers’ requirements.

We provide products

  • Simplicty for clinical diagnosis
  • Speed Reproducibility
  • quality higher standards
  • Sensitivity High sensitive;Specificity


we always complete our missions

To develop, produce and market a wide range of innovative solutions and quality in vitro diagnostics for the detection of viruses, bacteria and parasites.

At BEIJING HUASHENGYUAN we work every day to shape the future of in-vitro diagnostic testing.


our vision to grow our business

Being the international leader company in research and development for in vitro diagnostic solutions, increasing our distribution network through added value creation and company-customer trust.

We want health providers to have all the necessary information to make the best possible diagnostic and treatment decision when they are with their patients.


our vision to grow our business

Customer orientation · Ethical behaviour · Teamwork · Continuous research and innovation.

At BEIJING HUASHENGYUAN, our people are our best asset, the reason for our track record and our strength while we are moving forward. We live by our fundamental values and incorporate them in everything that we do. Our best assets are Innovative, Excellent, Responsible and Fair. BEIJING HUASHENGYUAN guides its activities under an impeccable and socially responsible code of ethical conduct.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Us is the place for you to achieve, grow and succeed.

BEIJING HUASHENGYUAN guides its activities under an impeccable and socially responsible code of ethical conduct. This can be seen in all our internal and external relationships with employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, universities and partners, public entities, official entities, press or public. HUASHENGYUAN´s ethical conduct is practised daily by all of its’ employees while performing their daily activities.

  • Trained.
  • Motivated team .
  • Quality
  • Creativity.
  • Innovative.
  • Simplicty.
  • Speed.
  • Reproducibility.
  • Quality.
  • Reliability.
  • High sensitive.
  • Specificity.
  • Value creation.
  • Trusty.
  • Sensitivity.

Our Team

Trained and motivated team · Quality and creativity in all processes.

The multi-skilled team is a dedicated and experience professional group responsible for dealing with all the different company activities in an international environment. Commitment to Innovation, Export and High-Technology.

Instrument Manufacturing Department

Service, Stability,Proficiency

Quality Control Department

Trusty, reliability,Quality

Packaging Section&Warehouse

Dry; Tidy; Sufficient



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