Urine Analyzer I-800

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Test Items

WBC,RBC,epithelial,cylinder,bacteria,crystal,mucliage,sperm and other components of clinical requirements

Detection Principle

Word-class neutron model, apply machine    vision and SVM technology to do a full range of image segmentation, identification, classification and counting.

Test Speed

70-100 sample/hour

Sample Volume

Min:2ml non-centrifugal urine, aspirating volume:1.0ml

Sample Loading method

Sample rack loading, automatic sample mixing and aspiration

Image Collection

1 objective/ul

Date Storage



Motic lens.

Negative filtration

Urine chemistry + sediment

Network Communication

Bi-lateral communication, connectable LIS and HIS


1. Test Principle: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of urinary formed elements is based on flow cell counting and intelligent image recognition technologies.

2. Integrated design with external monitor and printer only.

3. Full automatic and unattended product design. One-button operation under the control of computer. The test process needs no manual intervention.

4. Bulk sampling design. The sample probe with retractable manipulator can automatically deal with 30 samples once. High accuracy pump and valve system automatically delivers samples to the flow cells. Sample mixing and filling are completed automatically. Equipped with more than 2 emergency positions inside.

5. The original urine sample can be tested without centrifugation. Sample volume ≥ 0.2ml, testing volume ≥ 1μl.

6. High parallelity, smooth internal wall, constant volume and standard quantitative three-channel flow cells.

7. After automatic washing, the pollution rate in the visual field at high power is ≤5%.

8. Integrated automatic digital microscope with 2 megapixel (1600x1200 pixels) digital image capture system.

9. Microscope system with automatic control XYZLO five-axis and automatic focusing. The object stage resolution is 0.625μm; the minimum distance of focusing is 0.04μm. Automatically scan the flow cell and automatically capture images. Auto sleep of illumination, motors and camera prolongs the analyzer’s service life. Fully automatic microscope stage movement and high-precision automatic capture of each visual field.

10. Automatically converse the high power or low power objectives. Automatically analyze the positive or negative specimen. Rapid negative specimen screening test. Position the target under low magnification and then automatically track and zoom in on the target to identify and classify the microscopic elements.

11. Automatic focusing and recognition ensures sharp images. Total time of capturing and identifying for single visual field is ≤200ms.

12. Independent waste collection device. Inside and outside walls of sample probe are both washed.

13. Alarm when clean solution empty and alarm when waste overflow.

14. Analysis speed: T≤60seconds sample. Comprehensive analysis speed of a batch is ≥ 80 samples/hour.

15. The identified result of formed elements is checked in the interface of same screen. The identified formed elements are automatically categorized and listed separately. Compared with the original image, the identified result of certain element can be corrected and verified on the same screen for getting the result of scientific rigor.

16. The urine sediment analyzer can be used with any urine analyzer with connection interface (such as RS232 and USB interface, etc) and outputs the complete urine analysis test reports which can be custom made by users.

17. Stable and reliable TCP/IP database management platform, combined with HIS and LIS system seamlessly.

18. Consistent with the international NCCLS standard and China CCCLS standard.

19. Provide the test and assessment reports by national authoritative supervision organization of China.