Fecal Occult Blood FOB rapid Test Kit (Chemical&Double antibody sandwich method)

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FOB rapid Test kit is qualitative test for the detection of blood hemoglobin in human stool specimens and early diagnosis for Colon Cancer by Fecal Occult Blood screening with double methods, immunology and chemistry.

Test Principle

In gastrointestinal bleeding, red blood cells are digested, decomposed and destroyed, feces has blood which could not be recognized with the naked eye and under the microscope, so called FOB. Colorectal cancer, colonitis, peptic ulcer and other diseases are asymptomatic in the early stage and only show FOB.

The detection reagent detects hemoglobin in feces using immune colloidal gold technology and double-antibody sandwich method, showing a high accuracy in the detection of lower gastrointestinal bleeding. It is suitable for early diagnosis of gastrointestinal bleeding. The detection is free from the interference of other substances and food.

Product Specifications



Product Format



Reaction Time


Human Fecal Specimen




300 second

Storage: 4 °C to 30 °C

(1) One Step FOB (Fecal Occult Blood) rapid test is a rapid direct binding test for the detection of Gastro enteric Bleeding in Feces

(2) Format: strip or cassette

(3) Specification: strip (3.0mm), cassette (3.0mm. 4.0mm), or according to the customer’s requirements

(4) Specimen: serum, plasma, whole blood

(5) Design: according to the customer’s requirements